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pennell-scottChandler Officer surrenders after being questioned about abuse allegations.

The altercation started when Officer Scott Allen Pennell was opening his girlfriend’s mail.  When she caught him doing so, their verbal argument escalated.  According to court documents, he shoved her down and attempted to strangle her.  The next morning, Officer Pennel also called his girlfriend’s mother – threatening to shoot and kill her daughter.

A forensic nurse examined the woman and determined her injuries were consistent with strangulation.

Officer Pennell has been added to the Cop Registry.

Source: http://www.azfamily.com/news/Chandler-police-officer-accused-of-domestic-violence-251624541.html


According to public records, the case is adjudicated without a judgment. Scott claims he was dismissed on 12/05/2014, but when I check public records, the last entry was 11/10/2014.  I’ll update this if/when I get more info.