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A group of Mesa Police Officers were caught on camera using excessive force. The suspect had already been subdued with his arms behind his back… when he was punched, elbowed, and his head slammed against the pavement.

The is unnecessary – during the entire altercation, the suspect had no weapon on him during the prior pat-down and was always surrounded by officers.

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Moments before Kelly Thomas went unconscious he did the following:

  • Cried out for his dad 31 times
  • Yelled “help me” 26 times
  • Said “im sorry” 15 times
  • Responded with “ok” 29 times

He used works like “sir” and “please” – giving the pigs who killed him more respect than they deserved.  The mentally disabled are America’s untouchables – and cops beat him to death in accordance to their training on force & domination.