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  1. Leo Refuerzo Cpwatch Denver March 26, 2014 8:04 pm  Reply

    Hello my name is Leo Refuerzo I am the director of the National Association of American Copwatch. A small volunteer Police watch dog group based in Denver, CO. I have been a Copwatch legal observer, civil rights and Law Enforcement monitor for about eight years now. The reason I am sending you this e-mail is because there is no policy in place for Police like that of Doctors who get malpractice Attorney’s who get dissbarred. Even child and elderly care professional as well as financial experts are all held accountable these days. Never allowed to work in those positions again but not Police officers if a Police Officer fired for his/her misconduct they just go right on to the next police department. With no problem, Rogue cops are being rehired all over the country we have had two of these Police officers in Colorado in the past few years that I know of that have killed someone. The rehiring of these officers has to stop that is why I’m sending you this e-mail. In hopes you will sign this petition and help get the word out to other signers. The petition can be seen at Police accountability petition at If for any reason you wish to speak with me I can be reached at (303) 292-3875. Hope you can help and thanks for taking the time to read this e-mail. Leo Refuerzo

  2. onima October 22, 2014 10:10 am  Reply

    hello- i no longer live in AZ but i went to school at ASU and NAU (where i graduated) and birthed and raised my daughter in phx, scottsdale and tempe— i look on copblock all the time and other copwatch sites and newsletters. i went to the stop police brutality in sacramento 2 yrs ago and was very disappointed how empty it was— i am so relieved that at least some people are sticking together and watching out for one another! i am utterly SICK and disgusted by the swine and what they get away with- and what a LOT of amerikkkans still do and say to stick uo for those pos! it’s so saddening what they do and get away with– alll the molsting, sodomizing, raping, murdering, money laundering, thieving, and on and on and on. i was also a foster kid- raised by a new york cop– so i have been in the home with a pig too- and the home life was no better than how they are on the streets— keep it up! keep doing good and informing the people of what’s REALLY going on- thanks- sincerely- oni

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