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Far too often English professors have been plaguing this Stateby jaywalking around Tempe construction! Finally brave officers are willing to put their necks on the line to fight this by slamming professors to the ground!


The video speaks for itself.  The police were so aggressive slamming professor Ersula Ore, a bystander had to call 911 due to the excessive force.  It’s obvious the professor didn’t have an issue following the law… she just didn’t appreciate the condescending tone the officers were using.

Some believe that she was targeted due to being African American.  I’m not one who is quick to jump on the race card, but a recent study found “racially discriminatory policing is a white versus people of color problem, specifically interpersonal conflict between white police officers and people of color.” Further, recent Supreme Court cases have empower a “racist police officer to elevate the effects of racial profiling by allowing him discretion as to whether to issue a citation or to take a person into custody for minor traffic violations and fine-only misdemeanors.

For me personally, I could care less if someone is black or white -no citizen should be assaulted by police and slammed to the ground like that.

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I try to not post too many broad general stories but this disgusting video caught my eye.


The TSA is still targeting infants; patting down a 2 & 6 year old.  It’s obvious by the video that they were uncomfortable… especially since children are taught to not allow strangers to touch them.



A group of Mesa Police Officers were caught on camera using excessive force. The suspect had already been subdued with his arms behind his back… when he was punched, elbowed, and his head slammed against the pavement.

The is unnecessary – during the entire altercation, the suspect had no weapon on him during the prior pat-down and was always surrounded by officers.

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