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“If you do something here, I will kill you!”

It is not clear why Buckeye Police pulled over Teodulo Sanchez on  his way home from work on 10/10/2014.  Without any cause, it is my assumption he was the target of racial profiling.  Furthermore, it is not clear why the police made such a violent threat.

This type of violent behavior should not be tolerated by law enforcement; yet the Buckeye Police have refused to comment on the incident.

See the below transcript with portions translated from Spanish:

OFFICER: Put your hands where I can see them. Hands up, right here. Turn the car off. What’s your name?
MAN: [Inaubible].. Sánchez
MAN: [Inaubible].. Sánchez
OFFICER: Let me see the keys. Weapons? You have weapons?
MAN: No.
OFFICER: No weapons in the car? Keep your hands where I can see them. Don’t move.
MAN: What happened?
OFFICER: Do you have a license?
MAN: Yes, sir.
OFFICER: Show me the license right now. If you do something, I will kill you right here. Do you understand me?
MAN: [Spanish here is a bit inaudible] Yes, I am recording you too.
OFFICER: Put your hands up here. You don’t have weapons in the car? Are you sure? Are there any in the car?
MAN: No, if you like, I can get out of the car.
OFFICER: What’s here then?
MAN: I come to work. These are my tools.
OFFICER: Just tools? Are you sure?
MAN: Am sure.
OFFICER: Ok. Don’t get out of the car. Stay there. If you move, I will shoot you right here. Do you understand me?
MAN: Yes. Do you want to check my ID (inaudible)?
OFFICER: Where are you coming from?

mhealthPhoenix Police were called by social workers to serve a court order to bring 50 year old Michelle Cusseaux to a mental health facility.

Since she was holding a hammer, the Phoenix PD thought it would be appropriate to shoot and kill her.

The 19 year veteran who shot the mentally disabled woman is currently on paid administrative leave.



Far too often English professors have been plaguing this Stateby jaywalking around Tempe construction! Finally brave officers are willing to put their necks on the line to fight this by slamming professors to the ground!


The video speaks for itself.  The police were so aggressive slamming professor Ersula Ore, a bystander had to call 911 due to the excessive force.  It’s obvious the professor didn’t have an issue following the law… she just didn’t appreciate the condescending tone the officers were using.

Some believe that she was targeted due to being African American.  I’m not one who is quick to jump on the race card, but a recent study found “racially discriminatory policing is a white versus people of color problem, specifically interpersonal conflict between white police officers and people of color.” Further, recent Supreme Court cases have empower a “racist police officer to elevate the effects of racial profiling by allowing him discretion as to whether to issue a citation or to take a person into custody for minor traffic violations and fine-only misdemeanors.

For me personally, I could care less if someone is black or white -no citizen should be assaulted by police and slammed to the ground like that.

Hoping to add Officer Stewart Ferrin to the cop database seen.  Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter for further updates
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