Buckeye Police Threatens to Kill Immigrant

“If you do something here, I will kill you!”

It is not clear why Buckeye Police pulled over Teodulo Sanchez on  his way home from work on 10/10/2014.  Without any cause, it is my assumption he was the target of racial profiling.  Furthermore, it is not clear why the police made such a violent threat.

This type of violent behavior should not be tolerated by law enforcement; yet the Buckeye Police have refused to comment on the incident.

See the below transcript with portions translated from Spanish:

OFFICER: Put your hands where I can see them. Hands up, right here. Turn the car off. What’s your name?
MAN: [Inaubible].. Sánchez
MAN: [Inaubible].. Sánchez
OFFICER: Let me see the keys. Weapons? You have weapons?
MAN: No.
OFFICER: No weapons in the car? Keep your hands where I can see them. Don’t move.
MAN: What happened?
OFFICER: Do you have a license?
MAN: Yes, sir.
OFFICER: Show me the license right now. If you do something, I will kill you right here. Do you understand me?
MAN: [Spanish here is a bit inaudible] Yes, I am recording you too.
OFFICER: Put your hands up here. You don’t have weapons in the car? Are you sure? Are there any in the car?
MAN: No, if you like, I can get out of the car.
OFFICER: What’s here then?
MAN: I come to work. These are my tools.
OFFICER: Just tools? Are you sure?
MAN: Am sure.
OFFICER: Ok. Don’t get out of the car. Stay there. If you move, I will shoot you right here. Do you understand me?
MAN: Yes. Do you want to check my ID (inaudible)?
OFFICER: Where are you coming from?

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