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I wanted to thank everyone for participating in Arizona Copwatch; I especially appreciate those who send me info on law enforcement not being held accountable!

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Maricopa Police have a long history of entrapment, planting drugs,  and withholding information. It should be no surprise that deputies were recently accused of falsifying search warrant requests.

This recent case dates back to last year when Uncle Sam’s was raided for non violent crime and 10 workers were arrested.

After going over the warrant details, judge Jones stated, “Numerous misrepresentations and omissions of material facts.”  were listed.

One of the main deputies involved in falsifying warrant info was Armendariz; who already had an issue with hiding drugs and ID’s.

For further information:

Excuse the brevity; posted from my Android device.

JoseAntonioElenaRodriguezBack in 2012, a 16 year old boy was throwing rocks… so an officer decided it would be best to shoot him ten times in the back and head.

As a result of the lawsuit by ACLU, a federal judge ordered the name Lonnie Swartz to be released.  Unfortunately, his address and and other personal information has not been released yet.   As soon as this becomes available, he will be added to the Convicted Cop Registry.